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Customer Experience Team: 5 of the Lot!

  1. It’s A Personal Connection:

We know you by name, identify your unique characteristics and tailor our communications and care package to meet those needs peculiar only to you.

When you contact us or vice-versa, you can be sure that the final outcome of the entire conversation would be to expedite answers to your concerns and to provide unbeatable value for you.


  1. Ours is a Customer Mission:

Built on the upshots from the customer perspective, we at PayAngel understand that our product offerings and services are, fundamentally, means to helping you fulfill your needs.

A better and hassle-free satisfaction of these needs are simply your desired outcomes. That, precisely, is our primary commitment.


  1. We Literally Speak Your Language:

Most customer service teams usually claim to speak the customers’ language. At PayAngel, our team do literally speak your language and have a real emotional connection and understanding of your needs.


  1. Emotion is the Experience:

We understand your frustrations because our team members are people who have experienced and know the challenges faced by African remitters. We respond on a personal level with speed to your problems. At PayAngel, you don’t get a service;  you get a memorable experience.


  1. Your smile, comfort, convenience and overall satisfaction – OUR care.


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Shamik Roy

about 6 years ago Reply

Great Website!!!. Good overall user experience. The Multisave feature is the best and has an edge over the other money remittance services available. Good Luck and All the best. :)

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