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Welcome to PAYANGEL – The Future of Money Transfer to Africa

Money transfer to Africa does not get any better than PAYANGEL. The PAYANGEL platform is a significantly simplified system of sending money home, and it is not only robust, but also fast, convenient and delivers unbeatable value; all of which are available at yourre at your fingertips. The brains behind PAYANGEL are Africans in the Diaspora with a unique understanding of the exact difficulties and hassles faced by fellow “Diasporans” in terms of finding the appropriate solutions for transferring money home.

Prior to PAYANGEL, the existing market was devoid of money transfer services to Africa centered primarily on convenience, speed and cost combined with efficient value creation for customers. The upshot of the search for a customer-centered money transfer service is the birth of PAYANGEL. To this end, the design of the PAYANGEL platform allows customers to easily send money to loved ones at very low fees, open bank accounts back home whilst abroad, and pay their bills including school fees in Africa, among others. Customers only require access to the internet.

PAYANGEL completely eliminates the hassle and inconvenience of having to walk to a physical location every time you wish to send money. You can send money from the comfort of your home, your office, and on the go, anywhere, anytime. The speed of transfer is unmatched. Whereas most bank transfers to Africa take an average of 2-3 days, PAYANGEL guarantees a 24-hour transfer. Better still, the money can be transferred directly into the beneficiary’s bank account irrespective of the beneficiary’s bank in Africa. Mobile money transfers to Africa through PAYANGEL are as quick as SMS messages – it’s literally instant. All other forms of transfers are same day, and beneficiaries can access their funds in a matter of minutes.

In a nutshell, PAYANGEL has completely revolutionised money transfer to Africa by smartly minimising unnecessary overheads and investing in technology; enabling the provision of a significantly better money remittance service with increased convenience, better exchange rates and an exceptional overall service, with NO hidden fees.

PAYANGEL is currently live in the UK and plans to open up in the US, Canada and the Continental Europe corridors in the nearest future, are at advanced stages.

How the PAYANGEL system works
•    follow 3 easy steps to register
•    initiate the transfer process by entering your beneficiary’s details
•    indicate the amount to be sent and payout mode to the beneficiary
•   pay for your transfer
•   confirm your transaction. That’s it!

Services provided by PAYANGEL
•   money remittance (with various pay-out options including Cash pick-up, Bank Account and Mobile Wallet)
•   e-wallet services
•   bank account in home country

There is none better out there:
•   created with the African customer in mind, at both ends of the each transaction
•   modern, innovative and constantly evolving
•   customer-centered with unbeatable levels of convenience
•   exceptional customer service where the customer’s total satisfaction is key
•   the fastest and most hassle free money transfer service to Africa
•   MultiSave discount system where remitters can save over 60% on transfer fees by sending money to multiple beneficiaries in a single transfer
•   unmatched transfer fees and value creation for customers
•   earn money with our Affiliate Programme.

Are sending money from the UK to Africa soon or in the future?
Sign up NOW for the PAYANGEL Experience and start enjoying all these great benefits. Great exchange rates, outstanding service, fast transfers and many more are only fingertips away!!

PAYANGEL… Give your money wings with Africa’s Payment Expert!!

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Pawan Sharma

about 5 years ago Reply

Thank you! I liked the way you worded this information so even a newbie can understand the process. Great information looking forward to more of the same.

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