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Coming in from the Cold: An African Remitter’s Story

Do you remember the last time you wanted to send money to Africa? I bet you never liked it, and rightly so! Whenever opportunities arise for an African son or daughter to go overseas, whether for academic or employment purposes, such are perceived to be a spark of exodus from poverty, and the beckoning of good tidings to the long chain of family, friends and relatives. Somehow, the candle of hope is ignited and one can only hope the winds of this life will not blow it off.


The reality of the state of affairs back home is often a constant reminder of the need to work hard and alleviate them from suffering. Any phone calls, letters or short text messages from abroad are synonymous to heaven sent angels, and are often associated with relief from the daily hustles and tussles of life in Africa. And with the eagerness of farmers awaiting delayed rainfalls during a planting season, so do various relations look forward to monetary aid for school fees, hospital bills, housing, food, and much more.


With many families surviving on less than a dollar per day, it becomes practically impossible to swiftly respond to emergencies. There is always the danger of missing out on golden opportunities in life, including the imminent loss of life itself. It is in such moments they quickly remember you are now in diaspora, with quick and easy access to technology and civilization. Indeed, you become the long awaited Messiah, and all of a sudden they are hopeful you will come to their rescue at their hour of need.


As soon as you get the distress call, you remember blood is thicker than water, and that a friend in need is a friend indeed. You want to help them out and urgently do your duty in giving back to society, only to remember they either don’t have bank accounts and so you cannot make use of wire transfer. You are torn between two worlds whose differences appear irreconcilable. Then you thankfully remember that you could make use of services like the traditional money transfer operators (MTOs), but remember your kinsmen stay away from banks and postal offices, and they will still need to cover many miles to make withdrawals. And even then, it would still take a number of days before the money is available for withdrawal, and to worsen the matter, the anxiety that builds up in waiting is coupled with exorbitant transaction fees. It’s a total nightmare to say the least.

Africans in the diaspora wanting to invest back home have to undergo the same ordeal, and bear with the frustrations of time wastage, high costs, and undue worry and anxiety over safety and convenience.

dg To bring these challenges to a conclusive end, PayAngel is the answer to African prayers. The platform ( offers digital remittance services to your chosen destination, thanks to the internet and mobile banking. With PayAngel, you can transact by simply using your mobile phone, your computer or your tablet. The platform gives you the option to use only one transaction to reach out to three different beneficiaries, who can collect the money in cash, or through mobile wallets or ordinary bank accounts, thanks to our business partners back at home.

There is finally a sigh of relief, a wiping away of African tears, warmth of the reassurance that all is not lost, courtesy of PayAngel, the better option!

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