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International Day of Family Remittances- PayInc Group on course to building Africa’s biggest and best Payment platform

More than 200 million migrant workers send money to over 800 million families in Africa. This provides a huge opportunity for the continent to experience rapid digitization of payment systems which is a catalyst for formal remittances.

Over the past 7 years, PayInc Group has provided fast, reliable, and secure means for customers to conveniently and easily send money from UK to Ghana. This has been executed through innovative payment solutions leveraging technology and digital inclusion.

 The COVID-19 pandemic of recent times has steered an accelerated adoption of digital technology by remitters across the globe. PayInc Group, through the operations of PayAngel Money Transfer has demonstrated its capacity to meet the rapidly changing needs of African diasporas and their families as evidenced by the vast and fast adoption of PayAngel’s products. With about £40 million of transactions processed, PayAngel continues to be the preferred new service for sending money to Ghana from the UK and Canada.

Jones Amegbor- CEO PayInc Group

 The irony of remittances to Africa is that remitters from the poorest region in the world have been paying far more for remittances than all other continents for decades now. The pioneering designers of remittance products for the African market never did, and do not think of Africa first. PayAngel was born out of this burden Africans in the diaspora have to endure for decades – the burden of unreasonable remittance fees and ridiculous exchange rates.   As an Africa focused remittance company, PayAngel’s raison d’être is to significantly reduce the cost of remitting for Africans, and in so doing, make it possible for the people and their communities receiving remittances to maximize the financial impact of their funds; PayAngel is also set to continue to design and offer innovative products that address the unique needs of the African diaspora and their loved ones back home.

With International Day of Family Remittances (IDFR) now adopted by the United Nations and celebrated on 16 June,  PayInc Group aligns with the main vision which  aims at the reduction of transfer costs and greater financial inclusion.

PayAngel is reaffirming the commitment to continuously provide simple and straight through payment solutions with exceptional customer care from end to end.


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