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PayAngel Remitcare -The best remittance product is now available to Ghanaians in UK and Europe

PayAngel Money Transfer has partnered with Allianz Life Insurance Ghana to introduce a new revolutionary remittance product, the RemitCare Plan, to the Ghanaian market. The product will enable Ghanaians living abroad to provide life insurance cover for beneficiaries back home at no extra cost when they use the PayAngel platform as their preferred remittance channel. 

The RemitCare Plan is a life insurance solution that aims to provide financial support to the insured in the event of hospitalisation, and in the unfortunate event of death, to the named beneficiary. The product will be accessible to eligible beneficiaries who receive money through PayAngel.  


PayAngel remittance is fast becoming the preferred platform for most Ghanaians based in the United Kingdom due to its cost efficient, straight-through, affordable payment solutions and excellent customer service. PayAngel is currently rated 5 star on ‘Google my Business’ with 100% customer satisfaction.  

Jones Amegbor- CEO PayInc Group Limited

Jones Amegbor, CEO of Payinc Group, operators of PayAngel Money Transfer, has expressed his delight about the partnership and the augmented benefit it offers to all existing and future PayAngel customers.

Commenting on the partnership, he said “the irony of remittances to Africa is that, remitters from the poorest region in the world have been paying more than others for decades but designers of remittance products for the African market never think of Africa first. This is PayAngel’s raison d’être; first to reduce cost and send more money to the communities that need it, and secondly to design and offer innovative products that address the peculiar needs of the African diaspora and their loved ones back home. It is to that extent that I am delighted about this partnership with Allianz and the launch of this value-added service. All PayAngel customers who remit money to their loved ones in Ghana will now have an added life insurance benefit for free”.

He further stated that, “Although the development of RemitCare predates COVID-19, the timing of its launch is critical and responds to a current and immediate need. We hope to work closely with our partners, Allianz Insurance, to roll out this product to more countries in Africa soon.”

Gideon Ataraire, CEO of Allianz Life Ghana has also described the RemitCare Plan as an innovative one that will provide dual benefits to both the remitter and the nominated beneficiary.  He explained, “Even though the life insurance covers only the recipient or a nominated life, and not the remitter, the assured peace of mind in the event of an emergency is one that cannot be discounted.”   

This partnership is sure to put PayAngel and Allianz Life Ghana ahead of the pack in their respective fields in terms of customer delight, social benefits, product innovation and positioning.  

More about Allianz:

Allianz life is a part the Allianz group, one of the world’s leading insurers and asset managers with more than 92 million retail and corporate customers in over 70 countries. Allianz is also one of the world’s largest investors, managing around 673 billion euros on behalf of insurance customers.  

More about PayAngel:

PayAngel ( is the trading name of PayInc Group Limited, a licensed international remittance business delivering straight-through, affordable remittance and payment solutions to the African Diaspora. Positioned as “Africa’s Payment Expert”, PayAngel seeks to be a one-stop payment solutions provider, providing Consumer-to-Consumer, Consumer-to-Business and Business-to-Business remittance services, and further catering to several other payment needs such as utility and mortgage payments. Remitters using PayAngel can have their remittances delivered to Africa through mobile money, bank deposits and cash collections.

Licensed to operate in Europe and North America, PayAngel currently operates a multichannel remittance and bill payment service from the United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, Italy and Spain to Ghana and is in the process of expanding to the rest of Europe, North America and other sub-Saharan African countries.


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  1. It’s A Personal Connection:

We know you by name, identify your unique characteristics and tailor our communications and care package to meet those needs peculiar only to you.

When you contact us or vice-versa, you can be sure that the final outcome of the entire conversation would be to expedite answers to your concerns and to provide unbeatable value for you.


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Built on the upshots from the customer perspective, we at PayAngel understand that our product offerings and services are, fundamentally, means to helping you fulfill your needs.

A better and hassle-free satisfaction of these needs are simply your desired outcomes. That, precisely, is our primary commitment.


  1. We Literally Speak Your Language:

Most customer service teams usually claim to speak the customers’ language. At PayAngel, our team do literally speak your language and have a real emotional connection and understanding of your needs.


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We understand your frustrations because our team members are people who have experienced and know the challenges faced by African remitters. We respond on a personal level with speed to your problems. At PayAngel, you don’t get a service;  you get a memorable experience.


  1. Your smile, comfort, convenience and overall satisfaction – OUR care.