PayAngel RemitCare!

PayAngel Money Transfer has partnered with Allianz Life Insurance to introduce a revolutionary remittance product, the RemitCare Plan, to the Ghanaian market.

The RemitCare Plan is a life insurance solution that provides financial support in the event of hospitalisation, and in the unfortunate event of death, to the named beneficiary’s next of kin. The product is accessible to eligible beneficiaries receiving money via PayAngel.

How RemitCare works

  • Send at least £100 each month
  • (Add your ID details to your profile if you have not already done so)
  • Choose a beneficiary between the ages 18 and 69 – must be: Child/Spouse/Sibling/Parent/Other Family member you can prove is your dependent
  • Provide DOB of chosen beneficiary
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Hospitalization Benefit:

Admission to hospital for over two (2) nights = a lump sum payment equal to the stated amount per day up to a maximum of seven (7) nights shall be paid to the life insured.

Death Benefit:

Lump sum payment equal to the selected sum assured shall be paid to elected beneficiary.

Benefits and Payable Options


send minimum £100/mth

Death Benefit

2,000 GHS

Hospital Benefit per day; max 7 days

30 GHS


send minimum £250/mth

Death Benefit

3,000 GHS

Hospital Benefit per day; max 7 days

45 GHS

Silver PLUS

send minimum £500/mth

Death Benefit

4,000 GHS

Hospital Benefit per day; max 7 days

60 GHS

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